How And Why Should You Invest In Yourself?

Updated: Mar 31

I'm often asked in the comments of my videos about how I know so many different things. While I honestly disagree with this premise (no, not being modest), I do believe that I do my best to fuel my curiosity.

The last three words of the previous sentence is the simple secret that I want to talk about today.

Fuel the curiosity.

How often do you get thoughts in your head about how something works? Maybe you were in a cab going from your home to office, and you noticed a hoarding on the highway that talked about an upcoming TV show. Let’s say that the poster looked interesting to you. Do you make it a point to google it or make a note? Or maybe you were watching a Youtube video and an ad ran in the beginning about a software that helps you correct your grammar. You thought it was a great idea and it may help you or someone you know. Do you stop and check the website for it? I am sure you get the point by now. This is exactly what I do to fuel my curiosity. Every time I run into something that I don’t know much about, I just google it/make a note of it to google later.

It’s sort of laughable when you think about it. My big secret is in fact, Google. Well, it’s that and two other things: passion & priorities. I believe that as humans, we need to strongly prioritise our personal growth before anything else. After all, we are our most valuable asset. We must spend time investing in ourselves - before any job, or a relationship, or any other aspect of life that requires our attention. Doing this in turn sets the foundation, and with that the job, the relationship, and everything else falls in place automatically.

Sure, all things sounds good. But I am sure you began reading this to know exactly how is it that you can invest in yourself. Here’s how -

Take Online Courses:

We all have these random interests that we weren’t somehow able to pursue as students. Like I always loved cooking, but no way was my degree in economics going to teach me that. You may always have been fascinated by coding, but maybe you ended up studying something entirely different. Or you always wanted to know about the history of wars, but your engineering degree was never going to help you with that. Thankfully, in today’s world, we have innumerable online platforms that teach you literally everything under the sun. History, psychology, coding, finance, language - you name it, they’ll have a course on it. Coursera, Udemy, Edx and Skillshare are some of the sites that you can visit to grow your knowledge base.

Build Your Brand:

Whether you like social media or not, you have to accept that it’s here to stay. And contrary to what people may believe, building up your personal brand using these platforms is vital to your career success. These sites can truly be an extension to your resume; and may provide a more richer story to all that you’ve done so far. Most serious employers today are looking for more than just a piece of paper with your work history anyway. Easiest thing to do here is to build up your LinkedIn profile by talking about your professional journey. Or, if you’re in a creative field like writing, marketing or fashion, Instagram can be your muse. The idea is to just begin somewhere so you can share who you are and what you bring to the table. Get creative, express yourself, and tell your story!

Invest in your health:

There’s no better way to invest in yourself, than by investing in your health. Eat nourishing foods that will fuel your body for all the hard work it does. Choose to stay active and keep moving. Running, Yoga, Dance.. Whatever gets you to move, find it and do it! A healthy lifestyle is the only thing that will drive you to do the 50,000 things that you set out to do everyday.

Find inspiration:

We all can do with a little help, so find someone who inspires you to work on yourself. Someone who you trust, someone who can help you grow as a person and as a professional. But, how do you find such a person? You may run into someone organically through a job or a friend, but you can also consider using LinkedIn as a tool. Several bloggers and Youtubers are perfect sources of inspiration for anyone to work on themselves. The simple idea is to step out of your comfort zone, use your resources, and be ready to reach out!


Literally the easiest thing you can do to grow yourself is read. Think of books this way. The author must have gained his/her experience over years and years of work, and as a reader we get to gain all of that in a couple of hours/days. Pretty awesome, right? If you’re struggling to read, you can watch my video on ‘How I read more than 50 book every year, and how you can too”.

Attend events:

Irrespective of which city you live in, multiple events happen there everyday. These events are perfect places for you to learn and network. Sites like BookMyShow list out more than enough for anyone’s liking to choose from, and I would strongly encourage you to scan through them and attend whichever ones you can. These events may help you build connects and contacts that may prove to be useful in ways you can’t imagine. But, more than anything else, they’re a great place to make new friends too! :)

These are all my secrets to investing in myself. What are the things that you do? Let me know in the comments below.
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