The only checklist you need for decluttering your KITCHEN: 13 items to get rid of now!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Somewhere deep within, we are all hoarders. As Indians, we are conditioned to save even the most unused items in our homes for imaginary ‘just in case’ scenarios. And, being the heart of any home, kitchen becomes the first place to quickly turn into a breeding ground for most number of unnecessary possessions.

It's often easy to assume that many of the items that we have in our kitchens are absolute necessities. But trust me on this, a closer look into more than 90% of kitchens will alway reveal at least a dozen unused items.

The benefits of getting rid of such unnecessary things, and stripping down to real necessities are many, but most importantly, you will in an instant, reap the benefits of a much more efficient food prep space. Now don’t get me wrong here. Some of the things that I will talk about in my list below may not be worth throwing away. In such cases, there are always the options of donation, re-selling on sites like olx or quickr and/or passing it along to a friend or a family member who may use it more than you do!

So, here are some items that you should definitely take away from your valuable kitchen storage space, and I promise — you'll never miss even one of them once they are gone!

1. Dull knives:

We are all guilty of owning too many knives at any given point. But, in all honesty, whenever we do our chopping, don’t we always just reach out for those one or two of our favourite knives, while others just lie there occupying more space than they deserve? Spend 15 minutes picking out the dull ones from the lot, and get rid them without a second thought. Trust me on this, you will never be reminded of them again.

2. Expired sauces and condiments in the fridge:

The spice racks in most Indian refrigerators are often over-flooded with a variety of sauces and condiments. The problem with having too many of these is that we often forget about the existence of some, which then cross their expiration dates rotting away in a corner. Conduct an inspection, and throw away any such products that you many have in your fridge.

3. Plastic containers missing their lids

or Plastic lids missing their containers :

If you’re holding on to some of them thinking you’ll find the missing lid or the missing container someday, I’m afraid it is highly unlikely to happen. Get rid of them, or donate them to someone you know who may really see some use in them. :)

4. Novelty kitchen gadgets:

Are you the one to buy specific novelty items like juice squeezer, apple cutter, banana peeler (and what not) from trade fairs that you visit? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. More often than not, these things aren’t put to just as much use as we initially expect of them. Don’t you think maybe it’s time to give them away to someone who still finds them fancy enough?

5. Scratched teflon pans:

I am not going to put a long description for this one. They are a health hazard. Please get rid of them as soon as you can.

6. Plastic/paper bags from department stores:

Okay okay, I know they can be put to some use some day. But do you really need a whole big carton full of them? Keep a few for times when you may need them, and get rid of the rest. It will really clear up some of the much-needed space in your kitchen.

7. Home delivery plastic spoons and cutlery:

These are tough to get rid of, because you save them of lunch boxes and picnics. In all honesty, plastic ones aren’t too healthy to be used over and over again. They are called use and throw for a reason. Drop them off at a re-cycle centre so that they may be used for something else.

8. Excess mugs and cups:

Mugs are a nuisance. I say this because there are the ones that you buy, then the ones that are gifted to you by friends/family, and to top it all, there are the ones that are distributed as ‘acceptable’ office gifts. We all have our favourite mugs that we use over and over again, so why bother having 10 of them? I’d suggest giving them away. :)

9. Old water bottles that you never reach for:

Two types to be discussed here. Type one are the old mineral water/coke bottles. They are not healthy for re-use. Throw them away. Type two are old water bottles that you bought years back, probably when you first got your fridge. You may be holding on to them for sentimental value or nostalgia. But, are they worth it? Maybe you can make someone happy by giving them away. :)

10. Too many ketchup packets:

Please don’t stare at me for this. :P I am really not asking you to throw them all away. Just asking you to read the label on them and discard the ones that have expired. Often times, when we keep collecting them but don’t use too frequently, a pile of really old, spoilt stuff may get accumulated in your collection too. It’s a good exercise to undertake, mainly for health reasons.

11. Old appliances that you now have replacements for:

I got my new mixer blender sometime back. But, for months together, I still had my old one. I didn’t really know why, but because the old one was still functioning, I never thought of getting rid of it. Many of you may relate to this. If you do, please consider giving away any old functional appliances that you now have a replacement for. :)

12. Unused empty jam/sauce/condiment bottles:

We often keep them thinking we’ll use them for storage. But then, we don’t end up using them for various reasons including the facts that they don’t match our decor, they are not the right size, etc. Maybe it’s time to either put them to some use by creating some fun DIY projects, or just giving them away.

13. Home Delivery containers:

This one’s nasty if you order food from out often. Most of these plastic containers aren’t fit for re-use. You’ll be better off dropping them at the recycle centre. :)

There you go! You now have a kitchen stripped down to bare necessities. Don’t you like how there’s so much more breathing space now? Plus, you will now spend much less time looking for things, AND have an efficient space to prep for meals. Neat, right? (Pun Intended)

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