8 TV shows that are totally worth the binge!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I still remember being introduced to 'Game of Thrones' for the first time. Unlike many others, I was a late entrant to the craze, but I literally binge-watched over 6 seasons of the show in a span of 1 week. I got so into it that when the series got over, I almost felt empty. Like I had no clue what else to do in my life next! But, the important question is- do I regret wasting hours over it? Hell NO!

What’s better than a lazy day spent in bed? A lazy day spent in bed binging on TV shows.

From rib tickling sit-coms to nail-biting thrillers- there’s really no dearth of absolutely amazing content out there on TV and Streaming Sites today!

In my post here, I give you 8 of my must watch shows that are totally worth a long binge session over a weekend!


I know, I know you’ve already seen it a million times. But I am sure you’d agree that this one never gets old! I particularly re-watch it around Christmas for all the lovely festive feels it brings. But it is also my go-to when things in my life seem to go wrong even the slightest. If you haven’t watched it yet, I am jealous of you. Because you now have something that I will never have. The ability to watch it for the first time! :)

2. Game Of Thrones

It’s dark. It’s repulsive. It’s violent. Yet, it’s beautiful and so effing addictive. Don’t go by anyone’s opinion on this and watch it for yourself. Granted, it will take a couple of episodes for you to fully understand everything that’s going on, but oh my god is it worth the wait! Hand’s down one the best shows ever made! I say this from my personal experience- totally worth the binge! :D

3. House

You can watch this just to see Hugh Laurie play the most sadistic yet amazing character ever made in the history! But there’s so much more that the show has to offer. Episode after episode you find a plethora of mysterious medical cases that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat (or bed). Top that with Dr. House’s sarcastic sense of humor, and you have with yourself a binge-watching gem!

4. Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

There’s just one season of this out yet, so it’ll be a short binge. But the fact that you can’t have more of it is literally the only bad thing about this show. Set in 1950’s, this Amazon Prime Special show beautifully outlines the journey of a young jewish woman becoming a top-rated stand-up comic in the New York City comedy circuit. The music, the acting, the characters, and the historical accuracies will surely win your heart! If you just have a weekend at hand, go for this one, and thank me later. :)

5. Little Things

Unlike others on my list so far, this is a hindi show that you will find not on some streaming network giant, but just on Dice Media’s Youtube channel. The storyline is simple and heart-warming - it celebrates the little moments in young live-in couple’s relationship. Everything on this show looks so genuine and relatable that you will almost feel like you’re watching your own story. No big adventures on this one- just little things. :)

6. How I Met Your Mother

People have mixed feelings about this show, but, in my opinion, it is just another classic that should be on every sit-com lover’s must watch list. Set in New York City, this shows follows the lives of 5 young friends and their hilarious adventures and misadventures. In just about a few days of watching this, you will find yourself quoting lines from show in your daily life- that’s how relatable and funny this is! Also, Barney Stinson. Enough said.

7. Black Mirror

This Netflix genius is a British satirical parody that also serves as a twisted social commentary. Each episode deals with a specific theme that portrays a humorously dark take on our deepening relationship with technology. From highlighting the power of social media and its control on our lives to showcasing what life looks like with memory implants, the show offers a profound and dark understanding of the world we live in. Heavy, yet so engaging. An absolute must watch!

8. The Big Bang Theory

There’s no way I was going to make a TV show list and not talk about this one. The Big Bang Theory follows the lives of 4 genius scientists who have next to nothing social skills. It’s honest, quirky, full of pop-culture references, and absolutely hilarious! With 11 seasons out so far, you have over 250 episodes of this genius production to binge on! :D

There you go! These are top 8 of what I call my tv shows treasures! Grab a tub of popcorn, get in your PJs, hit the play button, and let the TV binge begin!

Let me know some of your favourites in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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