5 Life Lessons That I Learnt From My Plants

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hello everybody!!

I hope all of you are keeping safe during this pandemic.

Since I haven’t left home in a while and had a bit of time in hand, I was closely observing the plants that I have around my home, I realized that plants have a varied range of life lessons to teach us.

Plants do not move or think, but they are living. Plants do not have a nervous system, yet they can feel certain things around them. Plants are some of the most beautiful things that exist around us and come with only benefits and some more benefits. They give us oxygen, they clear the air, they make every space look nice and pretty.

That’s not all, plants now also taught me some life-changing lessons. Keep on reading to know the 5 life lessons that I have learnt from plants, and maybe pick one or more from them to help you change a bit from your life as well.

#1. Plants only take what they need.

Even if we put a lot of things to the pot or the soil that they are growing in, plants take only what they need. If plants were to suck everything from the soil like humans try to do from their surroundings, they wouldn’t survive as they do. When you take in things you don’t actually need, it only clutters your brain and home. Some inspiration for my minimalistic approach for my life is also picked up by plants. They only take what they need and grow to the best of their capabilities.

#2. Plants adapt to the seasons.

How often do we feel good about a weather condition? Humans are always found complaining about how harsh the sunlight is, during summers; how one can’t go out, during the monsoon; and how the skin gets really dry during winters. Plants don’t complain, they just adapt to the different seasons.

It keeps me wondering why don’t we too, see the good side of everything? Considering how more equipped we are, why don’t we just wear a sun-glasses during summers, raincoats during the monsoon and moisturizers during the winter?

I have learnt to accept the beauty in every month of the year and every minute of the day and change myself to suit for the changes in my surroundings.

#3. They turn always turn towards the sun.

Be it almost any plant you bring in, you will always find them turning towards the sunlight. They always look at the brighter side of the day.

This is one of my favourite traits of the plants and one of the best things I have learnt from plants. There is going to be a dark spot in every room, there is going to be a difficult phase in life. It doesn’t matter where I am at this point in my life, I will always turn towards the source my light and even if it means to struggle a bit and stretch my neck.

#4. They give more than they take.

Every person, animal, plant or substance in this Universe is on a constant loop of giving and taking. We, humans, would be the most selfish amongst everything else. We only think about how much we could take in, even while knowing how temporary this life is and there is nothing that we would take and leave when we leave the planet.

Plants barely need a thing or two from us but they give out so much more. I, too, am in the process of giving out much more than I take in. That is the most fulfilling life to live, that would make life more meaningful too.

#5. Pollutants do not affect the plants, in fact, plants clear them out.

Plants clear the air and make them fresh. Even if there are many pollutants in the air, a plant would slowly and gradually clear it all up.

Noticing this has made me realize that I shouldn’t let the negative people in the outside world affect my mental sanity. I have learnt to cut people whom I would consider negative or pollutants from my life. Not letting such people into my life will only add to my growth and not otherwise.

Maybe clearing out the pollutants is something that a human is not capable of doing, but at least not letting it affect us, is definitely in our hands, right?

BONUS POINT: Alone is not lonely!

I had learnt this lesson once when I first started living alone. But now that life has happened, adulting is happening, I just felt that this life lesson has slowly faded at the back of my memory.

Plants stay alone and enjoy their own company. They are not like babies or puppies who need constant attention. They taught me, again, that living alone can be exciting enough and it doesn’t have to be sad or depressing.

I feel like there are still so many more lessons that plants teach us, maybe time will only tell what more I can learn from them and inculcate in my life.

What is your favourite plant and tell me in the comment section as to how you like to take care of them?

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