5 Life Lessons I Learnt From Living on My Own!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Hello, lovelies! I hope you are all having a great time this week.

While I am trying to balance my work & life together (really wondering whether or not my house help will show up :P), I got to thinking of the time when I first started living alone. It was long, long back now that I think about it, when I moved to a new city leaving my parents’ home behind.

I was thrilled at the very idea of it. I couldn’t wait to be in my own space, have no restrictions, eat what I wanted to & when I wanted to. However, all hell broke loose when I got down with a flu in the very first week on moving out & that had to be one of the most depressing times of my life because I had to deal with it ALL ALONE!

Thankfully very soon, things got better as I slowly recovered. I realised how much I had grown up by then! Might not sound very life-changing but I have learned the most important life lessons while living on my own, so read on to know 'em:

Happy realisation:

As wonderful as it is, living alone comes with a heck lot of things that you never realise before. One of them being, it takes a lot of effort to keep up! Being at home, we always have our parents running around, to give us the healthiest of meals, provide us with medicines from time to time, pay bills that we didn't even know to exist and what not! But when you’re alone, you are solely responsible for your own good or bad. We have to go see a doctor on our own, take our medicines regularly without fail & most painfully, cook/order something “ healthy” for ourselves every day! You start to realise that while it looked absolutely effortless when your mom did it for you, all this keeping up with life sh*t isn’t a piece of cake. But you still have to do what you gotta do!

Lesson# 1: Be grateful for all the efforts your parents had put in for you.

Being alone does not equal being lonely:

People who live alone are often mistaken as being lonely, which is generally untrue. I too was one of those who judged people without foresight, until I myself had to do move and live on my own.

But in all reality, living alone gave me a different kind of joy & contentment that I find hard to describe in words now. In a weird way, you start to understand yourself better & enjoy your own company.

I clearly remember this one day when I was watching a movie & a tear rolled down my cheek & I suddenly became very aware & grateful for the fact I could now totally drown into a movie & its emotions without any interruption or any fear being judged for reckless crying! :P

To be able to rule your roost is one of the most liberating feelings ever. I learnt to hang out by myself, try new meals on my own, watch movies alone, go shopping alone, and even spoil myself alone every once in a while. :) I did gradually observe a steep increase in my confidence levels & even today, I actually look forward to my ME TIME all the time. :)

Lesson# 2: Self Dating is a thing!

Routines all the way:

Guys, I cannot stress enough on this one. Initially, when I got a place to myself, there was so much O want to do; like lie in my bed as much as I wanted, have my meals whenever I felt like & I will not lie, doing all that gave me an innate sense of happiness. But let’s face it, we cannot live our whole lives like that. Well, we can try but we sure won't be able to!

You might have cribbed when your parents asked you to wake up on time but you realise that this one habit has actually sustained you till now. Again, I am not saying that I became a morning person or woke up with the dawn everyday, but setting a time for my daily activities really did help! Waking up on a certain time, having my meals on time, didn’t just straighten up my day but also got me to get my sh*t together in the long run. This also included planning my monthly budget & analysing it at regular intervals.

Lesson# 3: The sooner you build routines, the better you would do in life.

You learn to be all-embracing:

Living alone gives you a lot of time to reflect on a lot of perceptions, people, & their behaviour. You register that you will have to deal with all kinds of people. From nosy neighbours to a daunting landlord, an extremely hard-to-please boss to a dog who just won’t stop barking even at 2am in the night! You will learn that you can neither expect to behave the way you want with them, nor can you beat yourself up for that! My biggest learning was that I need not be a superhero or agree with what everyone around me was saying or doing all the time.

You will have to find ways to deal with each one of these tiny little puzzles, because the most important lesson to learn is that we all co-exist, however impossible it may seem in the beginning!

Lesson# 4: Everyone out there has their own reasons & situations; respect it!

Struggle for nutrition:

All said & done, we cannot & should really not underestimate or avoid the significance of home-cooked meals. It is no doubt a job & a tough one at that, when you know you always have to cook for one person. I learned it the tough way, but when I did, I stuck to it. Make it a point to learn some basic meals that you can cook for yourself before you leave your parents’ home. It might sound a little odd, but once you start having food that you have prepared for yourself, you will feel lighter & also will enjoy the restaurant-cooked meals more than you used to. Of course, allow yourself some regular cheat meals & junk, but try to make it more out of a reason, rather than out of habit.

Lesson# 5: Your body is the only place you have to live in; take care of it.

These are some of the lessons that I wanted to share, but let me know in the comments below some of the lessons that you learned when you first moved out. :)

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