20 Things You Can Do to Lift Up Your Mood on Bad Days

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Life gives us lemons all the time. Lucky for me, I quite like them! :D

On a more serious note, every now and then there are going to be bad days, tough days, shitty days, moods swings, PMS and all things nasty that may put a damper on our day. At any given moment, however, we are ones who can make a choice between letting these things get in the way, or pushing them right out by investing time in things/people who make us happy.

Philosophically speaking, even if every single thing outside of your control is going wrong, there are a hundred things you can do within your control to make yourself feel warm and happy inside.

I’ve had this list of things that has made me happy for years now. I made it back in college to help me deal with some difficult times that I faced then. Even today, every now and then when things go wrong, I always go back to this, and one or more things listed here always lights me up!

Here’s sharing my key to happiness with all of you!

20 Things You Can Do To Lift Up Your Mood on Days When You're Low-

1. Grab your favourite warm beverage from the nearest cafe, or make one yourself. Take your own good time to drink it in peace, and savour the taste as you go. Works like magic!

2. Do a movie marathon of some of your all time favourites! Harry Potter always works for me, but you can choose any set of movies you like.

3. Light some candles, put on a face-pack, and give yourself an at-home spa experience. While you’re at it, give yourself a pedicure too and paint your nails all nice and bright! :)

4. Put on a bomb workout gear and head out for a run or a walk. Also, on your way home, grab some ice-cream to compensate for the workout you just did! :D

5. Turn your fan to the maximum speed/switch on your AC, grab a blanket, switch off the lights, wear your coziest of PJs and take a long, long nap.

6. Call up an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and chat up for sometime. Reliving old memories is an instant mood-lifter!

7. Go over a ‘Babies Laughing’ video marathon on Youtube. Their giggles will make you smile! :)

8. Clean. I tend to do some of my best cleaning jobs when I am low, and the end-result always makes me feel lighter. :)

9. Compliment a complete stranger and make their day. You will see that your day will be made too!

10. Go out and eat alone. Yes, alone. It’s one of the most unique experiences in life, and you should totally try it out!

11. Paint. How long has it been since you last painted? Get a book and some paints and go crazy.

12. Rearrange your furniture. Always a mood-lifter.

13. Hug someone you love. If there's no one around, you can hug trees too. And no, I am not kidding. I did it once, and didn’t find it weird.

14. Cry it out. Sometimes all you need is just this, and it’s completely fine.

15. Fill up your journal with how you feel. Sometimes, venting out is the only thing that can calm you down. It happens with everyone.

16. Call someone old and wise who you trust and ask them for wisdom or advice. If you can’t think of anyone for this, just google Dumbledore quotes.

17. Grab your planner, and set yourself up to have a better day tomorrow. I always get a unique pleasure in planning the shit out of things!

18. Listen to your favourite songs. 90s nostalgia does wonders for me, but you can find your own jam.

19. Order food from your favourite restaurant, get it home-delivered and eat it while you binge on Nitflix. This one is my all time favourite.

20. Walk up to a mirror and smile. Yes, smile. Because we got to fake it till you make it, right? Wrong. Smile only because it looks amazing on you.

I am sure that one, or a combination of a few of these will lift your mood no matter how low you feel. Remember that bad times are not going to last forever and very soon it’ll be all unicorns and sunshines again. Till then hang tight, and do all that you have in your control to keep your shit together. :)

Feel free to add any of your own mood boosters in the comments below!

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