Hello Beautiful People!

My name is Saloni Srivastava, and I am glad to welcome you to my world. :)

I’m a marketing professional and a growth hacker turned digital media entrepreneur. My passion for productive living and minimalism led me to start my own Youtube channel in 2017, and there has been no looking back ever since.

Today, I have 3 major brands under my name: 'Saloni Srivastava'- One of India's leading Lifestyle Based Youtube Channel, 'Upfluen'- India's first-ever e-commerce made especially for influencers, and 'HustlePost'- India's only online community made for the ambitious, career-driven people of India. 


This blog and my personal Youtube channel are both true extensions of myself; letting me share my passion for food, finance, and productivity with like-minded souls. My goal here is to instill a spark of inspiration into your day to day life. I write for the people who are struggling to keep up with adulting and are constantly looking for resources to help them become a more productive and more organized version of themself.

Find me on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook where I’m always up and moving, posting sneak-peeks from my day-to-day life, behind the scenes from my videos, vlogs, food creations, and more!

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